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Established in 2006, Talbros Forging Division functions as an  integral part of Talbros Automotive Component Ltd. It was established to meet the demand for forged and machined components as a comprehensive solution. The Forging division operates as a self-sufficient, autonomous profit center, catering to global OEMs and Tier-1 customers. It specializes in developing and manufacturing high-end forged and machined parts for CV, PV, EV, Agri, Off Highway.


As a Tier I supplier to OEM’s, The Forging division manages the entire product development cycle from process and tool design to SOP. We are equipped with in-house tool design, its simulations, tool manufacturing and proving out. Our engineering capabilities includes converting components from sheet metal, casting, sub-assemblies to one seamless forging.


The Forging division boasts high quality manufacturing facilities for Forging, Machining, Heat Treatment, Sub-Assembly, Tool manufacturing. The manufacturing facility is designed to accommodate product weight ranging from 0.150 Kg. to 30 Kgs, with the flexibility to supply volumes ranging from 200 parts per annum to 1 million parts per annum. Additionally, our plant is equipped with IoT systems, Vision systems and online SPC facilities.


The Forging division specializes in producing components for various applications including Vehicle Towing Solutions (Towing Hooks, Recovery Eyes and Plates), Rear Axle Support Brace, Gear Blanks and Shafts, Tube Yokes, Flange Yokes, End Yokes and Yoke Shafts, Companion Flanges, King Pins with sub-assemblies, and Dump and Eyes Ends for Hydraulic Cylinders.


The Forging division holds certifications for IATF 16949 : 2016 and ISO 14001 showcasing the strict adherence  to global and environmental standards. To continually maintain these standards, we utilize advanced quality control tools like the Spectrometer, Micro Vicker Hardness Machine, CMM, Contour Tracer, Lead Checking etc to ensure the perfect end product. Our successful integration of these instruments into our procedures is a testament to our commitment to deliver products of the highest quality.

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